Hi, I’m Tem


Hi, I’m Tem

I’ve lived in London for 14 years

I speak English and some French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Yoruba

I am Event Manager


Hi there! I'm Tem, your friendly host in London. I'm here to make your time in this vibrant city truly memorable. London's multicultural atmosphere is what I adore the most. There's always something new to discover, and the great weather adds to the charm. You'll often find me strolling through central London, admiring the magnificent architecture. Another favorite pastime of mine is grabbing a drink with good friends and enjoying the lively atmosphere. I have extensive knowledge of sports teams and venues, ensuring you won't miss any exciting matches. I can guide you to the best nightclubs and bars. If shopping is your thing, I've got you covered. I know the best spots across London. So, get ready for an exciting adventure as we explore the diverse and dynamic city of London together. Let's create unforgettable memories in this magical city!

My knowledge & interests

Hosts graduation Fashion Marketing & Buying
Street food Cinema Art galleries & museums Street art Parks Scenic routes Hikes Political history Social history Cityscape photography Street photography Portrait photography Modern architecture Classical architecture Whiskey Gin Local beers High-end fashion boutiques Department stores Vintage shops Street markets Traditional culture Popular culture Religious customs Lifestyle culture Alternative or underground culture Vegan food Painting Digital art Contemporary art Thrift stores Video game stores Music stores Landscape photography Wildlife photography Action photography Sports photography Fashion photography Commercial photography Night photography Nature photography Post-modern architecture Gothic architecture Ottoman architecture Ethnic culture Classical music Pop music Jazz music Rock music Blues music Electronic music Hip-hop R&B Soul music Funk music Reggae Indie music Nigerian House, Garage, Drum & Bass and Afro Beats

Experiences I love to host