Hi, I’m Riccardo


Hi, I’m Riccardo

I’ve lived in Tokyo for 16 years

I speak English, French, Italian and some Japanese

I am a Freelancer


Hello! I'm Riccardo, your local host and Tokyo enthusiast. Having embraced this vibrant city as my home for over 17 years, I've delved deep into its unique blend of bustling metropolis charm and quaint, small-town feel. Tokyo is a city where tradition meets modernity at every corner, and I am passionate about unveiling its hidden gems. My adventure in Tokyo goes beyond the typical tourist trails. I love exploring cozy, secret spots that showcase the true essence of Japanese culture, where beauty is a path waiting to be discovered. I pride myself on seeing the city through local eyes, sharing experiences that are as authentic as they are exciting. Join me to uncover the heart of Tokyo, from its tucked-away tea houses to the serene backstreets that only a seasoned local like me knows. Let's embark on a journey where every turn promises a new discovery, and every moment is a step deeper into the soul of this extraordinary city!

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