Hi, I’m Jan


Hi, I’m Jan

I’ve lived in Osaka for 23 years

I speak English, Japanese

I am Nursing Assistant


I'm Jan, originally from the Philippines. I have lived in Japan for more than 4 years (Tokyo and Osaka). I'm currently living in Osaka. Osaka is the 2nd largest metropolitan in Japan. It's known for its modern architecture, nightlife, and street food. You can see Osaka Castle - it's a main historical landmark which is built in the 16th century. They said that Osaka is the street food capital of Japan and is most famous for snacks including Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki (a must-try). You can do a lot of things in Osaka. You can visit USJ (Universal Studio Japan) - you can see Super Mario World and Harry Potter studio and ride different attractions. You can visit Dotonbori - Osaka’s busiest and main travel destination. Street food stalls, restaurants, and souvenir shops line the street of Dotonbori. It’s the centerpiece of most people’s trips to Osaka. It has many things to do in Dotonbori. You can visit Abeno Harukas (the tallest building in Osaka). Views from the too include not just Osaka, but also Kobe, the ink and Sea parts of Nara and Wakayama prefectures. The view is spectacular after dark. You can visit Shinseki and see the Tsutenkaku tower. Shinsekai means “new world” but it's a retro entertainment district where you can glimpse what Japan was like before it got rich. If you are into Art you must visit National Museum for arts - which has a collection that centers on modern arts from 1946. If you like nature, you can also trek Mt. Kongo - the highest mountain in Osaka. You can visit Mt. Koya or Koyasan - which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It's one of the sacred sites and pilgrimages of the Kii mountain range. It’s a mystical and sacred mountain in Japan. Koyasan can't be described but must be experienced. Come and visit Osaka. I would be very happy to your you.

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