Hi, I’m Tugce


Hi, I’m Tugce

I’ve lived in Rome for 2 years

I speak English

I am Art Historian


I came to Rome around 3 years ago for my Art History Masters studies. I end up staying in Rome because of not getting enough of it's magic. And now it is my home. The city keeps impressing me every day still and my favorite activity became discovering the not much known spots in Rome. Since the first day walking the old Roman streets, for example where Raffaello walked during his works in Vatican, never lost its magic. I love going on tours and explaining this beautiful city to other visitors and have nice chat. Also, I like creating specific tour routes for each groups according to their interests.

My knowledge & interests

Hosts graduation Art History Masters Hosts expertise Arts Hosts expertise Culture & customs
Theater Cinema Art galleries & museums Social history Architectural history Religious history Cityscape photography Street photography Classical architecture Wine Third wave coffee Local beers Artisanal tea Traditional culture Religious customs Lifestyle culture

Experiences I love to host