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    Seattle Layover Tours

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      Seattle Layover Tours
      Seattle Layover Tours

      The best private layover tours & experiences with locals

      Stuck on a long layover in the Emerald City? You could sit around in the stuffy airport and wait for your next flight, watching time tick by. Or, you could join a local insider on Seattle airport layover tours that show you the city’s top sights and hidden gems. There’s so much to explore in Seattle that you wouldn’t think you could see the best of the city in just a few hours – but City Unscripted is here to prove otherwise! On our Seattle layover tours, we’ll give you a full experience of this breathtakingly beautiful city known for its trendy neighborhoods, cultural attractions, and coffee culture. Now doesn’t that beat waiting around at the airport?

      Seattle Layover Tours
      Explore famous layover cities

      We know layovers don’t have the best reputation, but we’re here to change that with Seattle airport layover tours that take the worst part of traveling and turn it into one of the best. Those few hours are the perfect amount of time to squeeze in some of the city’s must-see sights and hidden gems before your next flight. Instead of flipping through a magazine while sitting on an uncomfortable seat, you can be picked up by a local guide and whizzed into the heart of Seattle. No matter what you want to see or do, our Seattle layover tours won’t waste a minute of your time.

      Seattle Layover Tours
      A local leading the way

      When you have a flight in a few hours, exploring an unfamiliar city can be intimidating. After all, missing your flight would be a disaster! That’s why we make Seattle airport layover tours as seamless and stress-free as possible. In fact, a local host will pick you up right at the airport and take the lead on your tour. On Seattle layover tours led by a local guide, you won’t have to worry about a thing because we’ll take care of everything for you. Even better, you won’t wrestle with a guidebook or a GPS, because your host will take the place of both (and get you back on time!).

      Seattle Layover Tours
      Tailored Seattle layover tours

      From natural beauty and trendy boutiques to famous attractions like Space Needle and Pike Place Market, Seattle has a seemingly endless supply of things to see and do. You may only have a few hours to explore, but your local host will plan Seattle airport layover tours that get your stamp of approval. Why? Because we’ll tailor your itinerary to suit your interests, whatever they may be! Whether you want to try fresh local produce, stroll between skyscrapers in the city center, or discover cool neighborhoods like Capitol Hill, we’ll make sure you see a version of Seattle tailored to you.

      Latest reviews from our guests

        We took the private downtown tour with Kalina on Aug 6. Kalina was outstanding! Her knowledge was so impressive as was her kind demeanor. We started with a breakfast at Lowell's, walked around the city, hearing all about the history of Seattle. She was mindful of our time and kept to a leisurely schedule. When we would mention an interest of ours, she quickly changed her plans and accommodated us. Afterwards, she took the time to send us pictures of our wonderful morning. I highly recommend this tour and especially recommend Kalina

        August 2021

        Katherine D

        We toured the city’s top tourist attraction, the Pike Place Market and learned all about this historic area of Seattle that has been around for over 100 years!

        February 2021

        West L

        Ashley and Demi were so sweet and I had a great time showing them around the city and hanging out!

        November 2020

        West L

        Anthony was the perfect guest! We visited many of the attractions Seattle has to offer and also had an amazing lunch at Toulouse Petit. It was a super fun day.

        October 2020

        West L

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