Tourists browsing the seafood options at Pike Place market in Seattle

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If you’re wondering what the Seattle food culture is like, you’ll find your answer at the iconic Pike Place Market, where the century-old mantra, “meet the producer”, has quietly filtered into the city’s food philosophy. Local produce, and the people sourcing them, are an integral part of the city’s culinary heritage. The best food in Seattle – found in food trucks, mom-and-pop diners, and Michelin-starred menus – has an unwavering respect for seasonal ingredients perfectly prepared. The result? Fresh seafood, fascinating regional fare, and a unique world of American-fusion flavors just waiting to be discovered on our Seattle food tours.

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Seattle-style hot dog from a food tour of Seattle
Eating like a true Seattleite

Where do locals go when they’re craving Southern soul food, super-fresh seafood, or Seattle-style street food? On our food tours, local insiders will help you find the best food in Seattle depending on your particular craving. The city’s neighborhoods have their own personalities that reflect in their cuisine, from the cool cafés in funky, bohemian Fremont to the speakeasy-style basement bars of trendy Capitol Hill. As our food tours take you between the boroughs, stop for a Seattle dog – a hot dog with a generous spread of cream cheese – at one of the stands scattered through the city.

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Seattle local preparing street food in Chinatown
A fusion of flavors

In Seattle, Pacific Northwestern cuisine meets a multicultural population. The result? One of the most diverse, innovative, and interesting food scenes in the USA. Seattle’s new class of experimental chefs aren’t afraid to fuse American cuisine with... just about anything! Some of the best food in Seattle is a combination of cultures: Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Lebanese, and Mexican flavors pair incredibly well with local ingredients. On our food tours, you’ll sample the city’s (slightly bastardized) version of bao buns, curry beef hom bow, or the local style of chicken teriyaki.

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Local barista preparing coffee for a tourist on a Seattle food tour
The best of the brew

.In the city that brought Starbucks to the world, food tours reveal a coffee culture that verges on fanatic. In fact, many of Seattle’s best restaurants are coffeehouses – independent roasteries have perfected the art of bean-to-cup brewing, and colossal coffee chains never compromise on quality. Luckily, some of the best food in Seattle (a local take on the Dutch baby, for one) goes down particularly well with a cup of coffee. Our food tours let you dip into cozy coffee shops, cool cafés or streetside pour-over stands to taste how seriously Seattle takes its craft.

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