Tourists exploring the best of New York City on a private tour with a local guide

Best Private Tours In New York City

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The best New York City private tours & experiences with locals

From famous attractions like the Met, Brooklyn Bridge, and the Empire State Building to a collection of contemporary cultural icons unmatched by any other city on earth, the Big Apple is abuzz with amazing things to see and do. Whether you have a full day, half a day, or just three hours, our NYC private tours let you uncover the highlights and hidden gems of the city that never sleeps. Our New York private tours reveal an artistic capital, an architectural jewel, a foodie’s heaven, and a major shopping hub. On a private and personalized experience with a native New Yorker leading the way, you’ll discover the soul of this dynamic city for yourself.

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Tourist enjoying the view of New York City from a rooftop bar with a local guide
Private tours to suit your style

We know everyone’s idea of perfect NYC private tours is a little different – after all, this is a city that appeals to many different people for many different reasons. That’s why all our experiences are 100% personalized. We won’t waste a minute showing you the sights you won’t completely fall in love with. Whether you explore the top attractions on our must-see private tours of NYC, taste the city’s finest cuisine on a food tour, or spend a night partying up a storm in the city that never sleeps, our private New York City tours cater to every interest and every type of traveler.

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Riding in an iconic yellow cab in New York City
Not just any neighborhood

New York City’s colorful neighborhoods each have something different to offer visitors, and on private tours of New York City, we want to let you learn the unique personality of each buzzing borough. You’ll skip the tourist traps and get a snapshot of the local lifestyle. On private tours of NYC, maybe you’ll take a stylish stroll down the streets of swanky Manhattan, explore hip Brooklyn’s urban art scene, or get lost in the winding cobblestone lanes of bohemian Greenwich Village. Book private tours of New York with us, and see a side of the city that was made just for you.

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Tourists exploring the streets of New York City with a local guide
Become a native New Yorker

A city with too many world-famous attractions to count, from Times Square to the Guggenheim, New York City can easily get you caught in a seemingly endless tourist trap. But take the path a little less traveled, and private New York City tours can reveal incredible places your guidebook doesn’t even know exists. See the lesser-known landmarks and hidden gems on NYC private tours with a native New Yorker to lead the way. You may find that the most memorable moments from your trip aren’t the city’s most famous attractions, but the unfiltered experiences of the local lifestyle.

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