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Greenwich Village, a historic enclave in lower-west Manhattan, is where you’ll find everything that’s great about eating in New York City. It’s the place where century-old neighborhood delis cozy up alongside late-night jazz bars, where friendly restaurant owners greet their customers by name. Of all the things to do in Greenwich Village, a tour of its food scene is top of the list. Here, a mind-blowingly wide range of cuisine perfectly reflects New York’s ethnic diversity, with grab-and-go Neapolitan pizza joints sandwiched between Jewish bakeries and J

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Typical street view from a food tour of Greenwich Village
The true taste of New York

The food culture in NYC may be one of the most diverse in the world, but there’s a long list of iconic flavors loved by locals. These foods are slices of the city’s heritage that should be tasted on all New York food tours. One thing’s for sure: if it’s New York-style anything, you’ll find it in Greenwich Village. From NY-style pizza to cheesecake to pretzels, the authentic flavors of the Big Apple are never far. Between checking off your list of things to do in Greenwich Village, grab native New York favorites like warm-from-the-oven choc chip cookies and bagels piled high with pastrami.

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Fresh confectionery at a patisserie in Greenwich Village
A whole world of flavors

In an enclave that feels so authentically “New York”, the diversity of Greenwich Village’s food is astounding. International cuisine is part of the neighborhood’s fabric, from the Italian-influenced East Village overflowing with pizza, cannoli, and Sicilian arancini to Jewish bakeries in the West Village, churning out pastries and chocolate-streaked babka. That’s why so many things to do in Greenwich Village revolve around food – brand-new restaurants regularly open beside century-old mom-and-pop joints, and there’s no type of cuisine you can’t find on food tours in Greenwich Village.

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Exploring the food scene of Greenwich Village with a New Yorker
A history built on food and music

Greenwich Village is steeped in history – much of it musical. A hangout for the beatniks, musicians and starving artists of the 60s, it’s the neighborhood once frequented by icons like Paul Simon, Bob Dylan, and Bruce Springsteen. The city’s artistic past echoes through its historic jazz bars and live music taverns – must-have experiences on the list of things to do in Greenwich Village. After a night of live music, why not visit some of the old eateries adored by the musicians of the neighborhood’s bohemian heyday? Today, they’re still some of the best restaurants in NYC.

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