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When it comes to nightlife, few cities in the world can compete with Thailand’s capital. Bangkok is known for its unforgettable nights, and many travelers flock here for the sole purpose of experiencing Bangkok by night for themselves. With a miles-long list of unbelievable things to do after sunset, the biggest problem with Bangkok night tours is deciding where to begin. On personalized Bangkok night tours with City Unscripted, we’ll do all the work for you and plan the perfect experience in Bangkok to suit your style. With your local guide to reveal all the hotspots and hidden gems of the city’s nightlife scene, the real Bangkok is yours to discover.

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Typical street view of Chinatown in Bangkok at night
Experience Bangkok by night

When the beating sun disappears over the horizon, the Bangkok nightlife scene kicks into gear. Nights in the Thai capital have earned their reputation for rowdiness, but on Bangkok night tours, it’s not all crowded nightclubs and bawdy bars (but if that’s your scene, you’ll certainly be spoiled for choice). Night tours in Bangkok with City Unscripted could mean late-night shopping, dinner at a fine dining establishment, or sipping a cocktail at a rooftop bar far above the madness. However you decide to spend your evening, we’ll make sure you’re living it up exactly like the locals do

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Locals waiting for their food from a street food vendor in Bangkok
A night at your pace

Bangkok night tours with City Unscripted can go many different ways – it all depends on your mood. We know that every traveler’s idea of the ultimate night out is different, which is why all our Bangkok night tours are 100% personalized to suit your pace. The diversity of Bangkok nightlife means every night owl is catered for. The neon-lit party scene is nothing short of exhilarating and each bar is more buzzing than the last, but if low-key leisure is more your vibe, you could savor street food, cruise along the Chao Phraya, or head to a quiet bar recommended by your guide.

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Tourists and locals browsing a busy night market in Bangkok
Shopping after sunset

Bangkok may be known for its intoxicating nightlife, but the city’s market scene is just as thrilling as its bars and clubs. Bangkok night tours are the ideal opportunity to explore the city’s markets – and taste some of its most famous food. Bangkok’s iconic night markets are spread out in most areas of the city and come in all shapes and sizes. No matter what time it is, you’ll always have a diverse range of fantastic food and shopping opportunities at your fingertips. Why not try your hand at the local art of bargaining for your bites before grabbing a beer at a no-frills bar?

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