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Bangkok locals don’t eat to live; they live to eat. Thailand has a reverence for cuisine that’s more evident in its capital city than anywhere else in the country. Food can be found, quite literally, everywhere: in restaurants and markets, colossal food courts, on the streets, and even floating on the water. As Thai cuisine’s fame has peaked and the city’s best restaurants compete on an international stage, fine dining establishments and world-renowned eateries are almost as prevalent as humble local haunts. But on our food tours in Bangkok, no matter where you eat, it will be startlingly clear why Thailand is the Southeast Asian capital of cuisine.

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Fresh fruit for sale at a floating market in Bangkok
A taste of Thai history

City Unscripted food tours in Bangkok are anything but bland. Local palates have become accustomed to sweet, savory, spicy and herbaceous flavors – not separately, but perfectly balanced in a single aromatic dish. The characteristics of Thai cuisine aren’t modern. As early is the 13th century, the heart of this food – meat and seafood combined with vegetables, herbs, and spices and served with rice – had already been established. The food scene in Bangkok today remains a perfect reflection of Thai culture, and our food tours with local guides can paint any traveler a profound picture of Thailand’s heritage.

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Family exploring a local street food market in Bangkok
The epicenter of street food

Bangkok is among the world’s greatest cities for street food, and some of the best restaurants in the city aren’t restaurants at all! On our private food tours in Bangkok, you can find everything from quick snacks to entire multi-course meals right in the city streets, 24 hours a day. In fact, the line between a sit-down dinner and street food can be blurred. From bowls of piping hot noodles slurped down on the sidewalk to grilled meats, rice and papaya salad tucked into at rickety plastic tables, eating street food in all its forms is a must in the Southeast Asian capital of cuisine.

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Tourist exploring Chinatown food stalls at night in Bangkok
Dining after dark

City Unscripted food tours in Bangkok don’t end when the sun sets – in many cases, they’re just beginning. The city is known for its electrifying nightlife, and the market scene is just as invigorating as late-night restaurants, bars, and clubs. Bangkok’s iconic night markets come in all shapes and sizes, spread out in most areas of the city, and offering night owls a diverse range of fantastic food and shopping opportunities. Let your local insider teach you the art of bargaining for your bites – and why not grab a beer or cocktail at one of the cheap bars? On our Bangkok food tours, the night is always young.

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