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The best Paris private tours & experiences with locals

If you want the ultimate Paris private tours, look no further than 100% personalized, private tours in Paris with City Unscripted. We know everyone’s idea of the perfect day in Paris is a little different, so, with help from our local guides, we’ll create private Paris tours that satisfy your curiosity and pique your particular interests. In the magical French capital, private tours of Paris will give you an effortless balance between the city’s highlights and its hidden gems. On our private walking tours in the City of Lights, it doesn’t matter how much time you have – we’ll help you explore the city’s winding cobbled streets to their fullest extent.

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Experience Paris like a true Parisian

On private Paris tours with City Unscripted, you’ll get an incredible experience of locals-only city life. Exploring the must-sees in a city this famous is easy, but uncovering its best-kept secrets is only possible with a local guide by your side. Private tours in Paris with a knowledgeable Parisian give you the opportunity to live it up exactly like a local at the city’s hole-in-the-wall haunts, haute couture houses, and rooftop bars totally hidden from view. With us, expect to see the secret spots your guidebook doesn’t even know about. Are you ready to discover the true Paris?

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See where locals spend their time

You probably won’t find Parisians hanging out at the Eiffel Tower. In a city with so many iconic sights, you could spend weeks caught in a tourist trap. That’s why on our private guided tours in Paris, we go out of our way to show you where locals spend their time. Some of the most memorable things to do in Paris are the pastimes of the people who call the city home. Between bustling neighborhood markets, cool boutiques, tucked-away pâtisseries, and tiny apéro spots, locals have an easy time avoiding the tourist hubs. On private tours in Paris with us, you’ll be able to do the same!

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Tourists walking around Le Marais with a local guide on a tour of Paris
Private tours in any place

Private tours in Paris are the best way to understand the distinct personalities of each diverse neighborhood. Whatever your interests are, Paris has an arrondissement to suit your travel style – and we’ll plan your personalized experience in the area that matches you. From the bohemian appeal of artistic Montmartre and the fantastic food scene in the street art-plastered 11th arrondissement to the antique charm of Le Marais in the city center, Paris has plenty to keep anyone occupied. Wherever you end up on your Paris private tours, the experience is bound to be unforgettable.

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