Hi, I’m Yu-Hsin


Hi, I’m Yu-Hsin

I’ve lived in Taipei for 23 years

I speak English, Mandarin

I am a translator


Hi, I'm Yu-Hsin, your friendly and curious local host in the lively city of Taipei. This city, with its vibrant nightlife, irresistible food, and soulful music, has always been close to my heart. My passions lie in immersing myself in the artistic side of Taipei – be it visiting galleries and museums or catching the best art performances and exhibitions around. I have a knack for uncovering the most creative and inspiring spots, and I can't wait to share these experiences with you. When I'm not indulging in the art scene, you'll find me exploring the outdoors, hiking through Taipei's breathtaking natural landscapes. As a self-proclaimed food expert, I love guiding friends and visitors to the hidden culinary delights of Taipei. From bustling night markets to cozy local eateries, I know just where to go for an unforgettable taste of the city. So, let's embark on a fun-filled journey through Taipei, where art, nature, and gastronomy meet!

My knowledge & interests

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