Hi, I’m Yukari


Hi, I’m Yukari

I’ve lived in Kanazawa for 23 years

I speak English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Italian and some Mandarin, Korean

I am a Traveler


Kanazawa known as Little Kyoto ( smaller than the ancient capital) is considered one of Japan’s most beautiful and best-preserved cities. What I love the most about Kanazawa is the combination of old and modern. After the opening of the Hokuriku Shinkansen, I see more people visiting here. As traditional sightseeing spots Kenrokuen stroll garden, one of the 3 great gardens of Japan (with six characteristics)and the Ishikawa castle would be the first places to visit for my guests. Then Higashi Chayagai, (known for geisha performances and samurai districts) remains traditional but some old buildings have been renovated inside for modern tea houses where young generation enjoys. There are many popular photo spots on Instagram. I recommend Niban Dori, which stretches straight from east to west, in the background. The weeping willows dripping on the raindrops and the cobblestone pavement give a really good shot to the Japanese atmosphere. I like to share my favorite food called“ Pot-fried whitebait gluten”, plenty of hot Shiratama Namafu dipped in soybean flour and brown sugar syrup. Gluten-fu ‘ is low-calorie so my foreign friends enjoy it a lot. For great cuisine including some of Japan’s highest quality seafood, Oomicho market is a “ must go “ place. Also in the Katamachi area ( downtown), guests can find Nodoguro fish restaurants. For trying to wear a ‘Kimono’ and walk around town I recommend the’ beniya’ shop They have good quality kimonos for rent at a reasonable price. The shop allows the guests to have a unique experience in Japan. When visiting temples, at the Ninjya temple there are interesting tricks inside. I like Oyama temple for its serenity. During the cherry blossom season, I love walking along the Sai river. Kanazawa has beauty in the four seasons. I am proud to share this charming city with famous sightseeing spots evolving steadily. The 21st-century museum offers different events every year. I am sure that the visitors appreciate the modernity and history that are superimposed on each other in this ancient city.

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