Hi, I’m Mo


Hi, I’m Mo

I’ve lived in Kanazawa for 31 years

I speak English, Japanese

I am a Barber


Hello! I'm Mo, your friendly and easygoing host to the beautiful city of Kanazawa. My adventures in Kanazawa range from swimming in the crystal-clear sea to hiking through lush mountains, always with a sense of wonder at the natural beauty that surrounds us. Exploring the city, from the quaint seaside areas to the bustling city center, is a journey I never tire of. I pride myself on my deep knowledge of Kanazawa's history, which I'm eager to share with you. Whether you're looking to discover local culinary gems or just want to know the best spots for a night out, I've got you covered. And if you're in need of a fresh haircut, I know just the place. Join me, and let's dive into the heart of Kanazawa together, discovering its hidden treasures and making unforgettable memories!

My knowledge & interests

Hosts expertise Nature / outdoors
Street food Local cuisine Food markets Art galleries & museums Parks Gardens Scenic routes Hikes Architectural history Religious history Street photography Modern architecture Classical architecture Wine Vintage shops Traditional culture Popular culture Specialty shops Landscape photography Sports photography Nature photography Hip-hop R&B Funk music Reggae

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