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Top Things To Do In Taipei

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Wondering what to do in Taipei?

A kaleidoscope of cultures, with traditional Chinese, Japanese, Southeast Asian, and western influences, Taiwan’s capital city is as diverse as its endless list of things to do. Taipei at first glance appears to be a modern metropolis, but the true spirit of the city bubbles below the surface of its futuristic facade. In fact, Taipei can at times feel like an open-air museum with its multitude of Taoist temples dotted amongst towering skyscrapers, museums filled with treasures dating back 5000 years, and old merchant villas transformed into museums or shops. Between the old and new halves of this dynamic city, the things to do in Taipei are anything but ordinary.

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Local guide showing a couple of tourists the city highlights of Taipei
Tangible history

At 300 years old, Taipei is one of the youngest cities in Asia. Even so, the city’s history is remarkable – in its lifetime, Taipei has been a Chinese tea-trading post, a Japanese colony, and a KMT base. Exploring the things to do in Taipei will likely lead you to a wealth of landmarks that illustrate the city’s storied past. From centuries-old Taoist temples to Japanese-era mansions to old merchant villas, the historic sights are embedded in the fabric of the modern city – it’s impossible to separate the two. Today, the things to do in Taipei reflect a city filled with centuries of stories.

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Tourists enjoying the view of the city skyline and Taipei 101 from Elephant Mountain in Taipei
The great outdoors

Break away from the frenetic city center and you might be surprised to discover pristine wilderness on Taipei’s doorstep. The city’s gorgeous natural surroundings offer a wealth of incredible things to do in Taipei, with cliff-hugging hiking trails through densely forested mountains leading to all sorts of natural wonders. The most memorable things to do in Taipei aren’t limited to inside the city limits, and lovers of the outdoors are spoiled for choice. You could go surfing at a nearby beach, mountain biking through a forested trail, climbing up cliffs, or even hiking among tea plantations.

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Local vendor selling fresh fruit at a typical street stall in Taipei
Midnight snacking

When the sun sets, the list of things to do in Taipei gets even longer. The city’s nightlife is buzzing with cool clubs and crowded bars, but you’ll likely find most locals spending their evenings elsewhere. Above all else, dusk signals the start of the city’s iconic night market scene, and crowds descend on the colorful, chaotic, crisscrossing lanes of late-night food markets spilling out onto the streets. If the aromas of local specialties wafting from hundreds of street food stalls are too difficult to ignore, spend your night like the locals do – midnight snacking as a social event.

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