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    Stockholm Food Tours

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      Stockholm Food Tours
      Stockholm Food Tours

      The best private food tours & experiences with locals

      Are you looking for the ultimate way to experience authentic Swedish fare on your next trip to Stockholm? You’ve come to the right place! City Unscripted’s Stockholm food tours pair you with a passionate local guide and give you the opportunity to try all the foods the Swedish capital is known for. And rest assured, this experience won’t be the visitor’s-only version. Your food-loving local guide will take you far off the tourist trail to street food stalls and eateries most travelers wouldn’t even know exist. If you’ve ever wondered how a local likes to eat, our food tours of Stockholm are the ideal way to get your answer. Ready for a food tour you won’t soon forget?

      Stockholm Food Tours
      Tasting off the tourist trail

      Choosing the right place to eat in a city like Stockholm can be a challenge (and not just because of the Swedish alphabet!). That’s why our food tours of Stockholm match you with a local guide who fancies themselves a bit of a culinary connoisseur. Only a local insider can show you where the real stars of the food scene are found, and it’s not where you’d think! On Stockholm food tours, you’ll discover secrets like a much-loved Baltic herring food truck and Vasastan – a neighborhood not seldom explored but adored by locals for its cobbled streets, historic buildings, and fantastic food.

      Stockholm Food Tours
      Scrumptious Swedish fare

      A smörgåsbord of delights awaits in the Swedish capital, and food tours in Stockholm with a local guide are the perfect way to experience all of them! Stockholm’s food scene might not be the most famous in the world, but one day spent exploring the city’s restaurants, street food stands, food trucks and markets will leave you wanting more. From Baltic herring with lingonberries and smoked pork sausage to a generous slice of liquor-soaked cake that’s been rolled in rich chocolate sprinkles, food tours of Stockholm will introduce you to new flavors you’ll crave again and again.

      Stockholm Food Tours
      See Stockholm’s sites

      Just because you’re on Stockholm food tours doesn’t mean you can’t squeeze in some sightseeing! City Unscripted food tours of Stockholm give you the opportunity to explore some of the best-loved places in the city (in between bites of fantastic cuisine, of course)! From the quaint residential neighborhood of Vasastan to the bustle of iconic Gamla Stan – one of the best-preserved medieval centers in Europe – you’ll discover several of Stockholm’s most exciting areas as you make your way from one delicious food spot to the next. Can you think of a better way to travel?

      Latest reviews from our guests

        Very detailed and extensive tour. The exact route was discussed several times and also adapted super afterwards.

        December 2021

        Jens B

        Nice tour of Stockholm, also away from the tourists!

        October 2021

        Thorsten T

        We hade a great time together! They were queries about Sweden and we talk about history and how it is to live in Sthlm and Sweden today. We hade a Fika at Veterans katten we enjoyed and I think the best time was there. We have fun and also had a Music quiz.

        October 2020

        Pernilla U

        The client and I had a great time discussing history, culture and life in general while exploring all Stockholm has to offer.

        July 2020

        Ryan K

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