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With cuisine as colorful as its perfectly placed Azulejo tiles, a Lisbon food tour is an experience of gastronomic greatness. Portugal’s capital has been carefully crafted over the centuries, and its diverse mix of cultural influences – Roman, Asian, African, and South American – has created a cuisine that’s built around local ingredients and bolstered by international flavors and cooking techniques. A food tour of Lisbon’s best restaurants moves lazily over the undulating hills, between romantic bistros in lantern-lit lanes, elegant cafés in tree-fringed plazas, and local hangouts filled with friends sharing small savory plates and pitchers of fruity sangria.

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Tourist dining with a local at a restaurant in Lisbon
Food with a foot in the past

A city of stubborn culinary tradition, Lisbon hasn’t been too bothered about keeping up with global food trends. The city doesn’t have any shortage of incredible food, but the best restaurants in Lisbon are decidedly driven by Portuguese proclivities and local Lisbon flavor. Food in Lisbon reflects the city’s storied past through its use of ingredients obtained via trade routes several centuries ago. As you’ll find on your food tour, the best food in Lisbon is a celebration of deceptively simple flavors, local produce, and freshly grilled seafood courtesy of the Atlantic Ocean.

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Beautiful view from a popular local restaurant in Lisbon
An eatery to suit every mood

Lisbon is overflowing with atmospheric dining spots – some along the water, some in cobbled terraces, some overlooking the city’s iconic, sun-dappled terracotta rooftops – and the best restaurants in Lisbon are a diverse range of spaces. The one guarantee on a Lisbon food tour is delicious cuisine that satisfies the stomach as well as the soul. Whether you’re looking for a hearty meal in a dimly lit bistro, a quick pastry at a trendy waterfront café, or an authentic pastel de nata (or several) at a bustling local market, there are incredible places to eat for every type of foodie.

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Bartender serving drinks at a local bar in Lisbon
A wine tour right in the city center

You don’t need to plan a day trip to the wine regions, because there’s no better place to discover Portugal’s wine than here in its capital city. Lisbon is brimming with boutique wine shops, cozy cellars, corkage-friendly restaurants, and see-and-be-seen bars – so why not boost your food tour with some world-class wine? Take your palate on a journey, from crisp and aromatic Arinto whites to the full-bodied reds of Alentejo, and bring the whole experience together with Lisbon’s lesser-known version of tapas – small plates called petiscos. Your food tour just got even better!

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