Tourist and a local having fun with street art in Berlin

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Wondering what to do in Berlin?

There’s nowhere in the world quite like Berlin. The German capital has seen its fair share of turmoil over the decades, and history is starkly visible at every turn. Many of the things to do in Berlin allow its visitors to soak up the past at iconic landmarks like the Berlin Palace and Checkpoint Charlie. But to dwell only on Berlin’s past would do this diverse city a disservice. With a skyline formed by an eclectic assortment of architectural styles, a mind-blowing nightlife scene, fantastic food, and a host of world-famous annual events, from Fashion Week to the Berlin International Film Festival, there’s a seemingly infinite reserve of things to do in Berlin.

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Locals and tourists admiring the street art along the Berlin Wall
Tangible history

Berlin’s turbulent 20th-century history has seen it bombed, rebuilt, broken in two, and brought back together again. Today, reminders of these events are scattered throughout the city. Some of the most unique experiences and memorable things to do in Berlin involve uncovering this infamous chapter of world history. Iconic sights like the Berlin Wall Memorial and its remnants, the sobering Holocaust Memorial, and the visible battle wounds that still scar the inner-city walls are stark reminders of the Berlin of yesteryear. Finding things to do in Berlin – a living museum – is almost too easy.

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Tourists enjoying the architecture of a popular sight in Berlin
Architecture for the ages

An urban landscape like no other, Berlin has an instantly identifiable skyline formed by an assortment of architectural styles that span centuries. The competing political ideologies of the city’s past each implemented their own contrasting urban planning visions, and the results of these still stand today. You don’t have to look hard for things to do in Berlin when the city itself is a work of architectural art. Walking down the streets, you’ll be treated to spectacular buildings in a range of iconic architectural styles: neoclassical, avant-garde, modernist, and contemporary.

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Exploring Berlin at night with a local
Berlin by night

Nights in the city are the stuff of legend, and some of the most exciting things to do in Berlin only appear when the sun goes down. As the techno capital of the world, the club scene here is like nowhere on earth, and weekend-long parties in abandoned power plants are the norm. But you don’t have to be wild to have an incredible time. There are literally thousands of things to do in Berlin at night, from grabbing drinks at a dive bar to attending a late-night art exhibition. The diversity of the nightlife scene caters to every type of night owl, so be sure to bring your stamina!

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