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Ask any knowledgeable night owl in the world and they’ll tell you the same thing: Berlin nightlife is legendary. As the techno capital of the world, there’s no place like Berlin at night to dance the night (or an entire weekend) away, and the late-night party scene is unrivaled anywhere on earth. But the things to do in Berlin at night aren’t just for the revelers and ravers – the diverse nightlife scene has something for everyone. On personalized night tours in Berlin with us, rest assured you won’t be getting an average night on the town. Tell us your interests, choose your pace, and pack your stamina – this is going to be a night for the books.

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Typical scene of a busy local market at night in Berlin
Discover Berlin at night

There are some places in the world that become even more incredible when the city lights flicker into life. Berlin is one of them. On night tours in Berlin, you’ll be transported into a world where creativity rules, colors are bright, and anything goes. The reputation of Berlin nightlife precedes itself, but even the highest expectations can’t do the city justice. Night tours in Berlin let you experience the German capital when the tourists disappear and locals take to the streets. With your guide to show you the hotspots and hidden gems, the real Berlin is yours to discover.

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Locals enjoying a night out at a popular bar in Berlin
Choose your own adventure

The diversity of things to do in Berlin at night means every type of traveler is catered for on night tours in Berlin. The city is the techno capital of the world, so the party scene is nothing short of electrifying – 48-hour parties in abandoned power plants are just part of the Berlin nightlife scene. But even if clubs aren’t your vibe, you’ll have countless options to choose from. Grab a drink at a grungy drinking hole, snap pictures of graffiti-plastered walls, catch live music at a hole-in-the-wall bar, or see a late-night art exhibition – on night tours in Berlin, it’s your call.

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Tourists outside a popular restaurant in Berlin at the end of their night tour with a local guide
Live it up like a local

Forget the city’s tourist traps – on night tours in Berlin with us, we’ll make sure you do exactly as the locals do. The Berlin nightlife scene is at its best when viewed through a local lens, and with a local guide by your side, you’ll be able to do just that. With a local guide leading our personalized night tours of Berlin, you’ll be blending in with in-the-know Berliners. Join in on local traditions like pregaming at plastic tables outside a späti (a 24-hour convenience store) and ending the night with a Döner Kebab, the street food of choice to soak up a night of drinking.

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