Tourists taking in the sights of Prague on a bridge over the Vltava river

Top Things To Do In Prague

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Wondering what to do in Prague?

Don’t be fooled by the Czech capital’s storybook appearance – the things to do in Prague aren’t simply strolling across ancient stone bridges and eating street food under centuries of spires. Prague may be one of the most beautiful cities in the world, but its history has given it the type of grit most places don’t possess. Prague has been shaped and reshaped by tumultuous events over the centuries, with royal upheavals, Renaissance movements, and communist control each adding a layer of complexity to the city’s unique character. It’s this complicated past that has made the list of things to do in Prague so incredibly dynamic and diverse.

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Family exploring the riverbank of the Vltava river in Prague with a local guide
A thousand years of heritage

With a fascinating history that dates back an entire millennium, Prague is a spectacle of centuries-old sights that look like something from the pages of a fairytale. The cityscape is a wonder of the urban world, with a range of iconic architectural styles – Art Nouveau, Renaissance Gothic, Romanesque – all beautifully represented. In Prague, perfectly-preserved pictures of the past are around every cobbled corner, and tradition is tangible. Discovering the city’s history through the Baroque sculptures and Bohemian art of the historic Old Town is one of the most incredible things to do in Prague.

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A typical riverside restaurant full of local diners in Prague
Czech cuisine and culture

One of the best things to do in Prague, specifically in the old city center, is tasting traditional Czech food like vepřo-knedlo-zelo (roast pork with bread dumplings) and stewy goulash. There’s no lack of quick bites from street food stands – grilled sausage rolls or cinnamon-dusted pastries cooked over an open flame make for a scrumptious snack. As for the city’s modern food scene, a kaleidoscope of international cuisines – from Japanese to Italian to Korean – can be found throughout the city. With so many foods to choose from, you won’t struggle for things to do in Prague.

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Tourists and locals walking along Charles Bridge during a night out in Prague
Prague by night

Sunset in Prague isn’t all about riverside strolls and restaurant dinners. The city may look like a piece of preserved history, but it has a speaker-shaking nightlife scene with plenty of electrifying things to do at night. As the birthplace of the Pilsener, Prague’s beer scene is second to none, with pubs that range from the traditional to the uber-hipster. Grab a pitcher of the good stuff at a bar or beer hall, or get wild with locals at the many clubs and live music venues – but whatever you decide to do, any night should end with a deep-fried cheese sandwich from a street food stall.

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