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Don’t be fooled by the storybook appearance of the historic Czech capital – it may be a jaw-dropping spectacle of centuries-old sights that look like something from the pages of a fairytale, but the Prague nightlife scene can keep up with the best in Europe. Night tours in Prague with City Unscripted are the ideal way to experience the city’s iconic nightlife exactly like a local. From traditional beer halls echoing with the sound of accordions to speaker-shaking dance clubs that wouldn’t be out of place in a city like Berlin, Prague nightlife manages to be incredibly diverse and exceptionally unique. What you do on night tours in Prague is your call.

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Tourists walking along Charles Bridge on a rainy evening in Prague
Discover Prague after dark

Prague at night isn’t all about peaceful riverside strolls and restaurant dinners. As the sun sets, another side of Prague emerges from the shadows, and the air fizzes with a different type of energy. Night tours in Prague reveal a city that looks like a piece of preserved history but has a diverse range of thrilling things to do at night Sip a variety of Czech brews at a bar or beer hall, dance till dawn at super-cool clubs, or soak up the festive spirit at a live music venue before ending your night tours in Prague with a deep-fried cheese sandwich from a street food stall.

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Tourists walking down old castles steps at night in Prague
Pick your own pace

Everyone’s idea of the perfect night out is different – that’s why our night tours in Prague are 100% personalized to suit your style. Between the city’s buzzing beer halls, live rock and roll venues, and packed-to-the-rafters clubs, Prague has plenty to offer revelers who enjoy nightlife in its purest sense. But if you like your evenings a little less loud and a little more low-key, night tours in Prague don’t disappoint. Sip a glass of red at an intimate wine bar, take a moonlit stroll along the sparkling Danube, or have a laid-back dinner at a local institution – this is your night!

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Tourist couple enjoying a local beer with their guide while on a family tour of Prague
Beer culture by night

The Czech capital is the birthplace of the Pilsener, so Prague’s beer-making reputation is built on a solid foundation. Prague has been perfecting the art of brewing for over 100 years, and with many of its historic brewhouses still open today, night tours in Prague usually end with a frothy pitcher of the good stuff. With a local guide to reveal Prague at night, you could discover independent breweries, beautiful beer gardens, trendy micro-breweries, and pubs ranging from the humble to the hipster. It wouldn’t be a true Prague nightlife experience without a beer, so come thirsty!

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