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In the last decade, the food scene in Prague has exploded. A kaleidoscope of international cuisines can be found throughout the city, with some surprising cuisines (ramen is trending in a big way) making the list of the best restaurants in Prague. But, in the Czech capital, traditional Czech food – a celebration of hearty soups and sauces – can’t possibly be overlooked. The names of the Czech classics may not roll off the tongue, but comfortingly familiar flavors are a treat for the tastebuds. On our food tours of Prague’s best restaurants, you’ll taste food as historic as the city’s stunning architecture – and learn about Czech culture in the process.

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Tourist trying delicious chimney cake on a food tour of Prague
A restaurant renaissance

Food tours in Prague reveal a turning culinary tide. The city’s food scene has broadened after years of communist rule that very nearly destroyed traditional Czech food, and most of the best restaurants in Prague have only cropped up in recent years. Today, a new generation of chefs is leading a culinary revolution that still revolves around traditional flavors: local produce, seasonal ingredients, fresh bread, and high-quality Czech beef and pork. But international cuisine has also carved out its own space – in fact, some of the best restaurants in Prague are Japanese, Italian, and Korean!

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Tourist eating beef goulash with a local beer on a food tour of Prague
Old flavors in the Old Town

Prague’s Old Town in the city center is a historic treasure trove of Baroque sculptures and Bohemian art – but, when you tear your eyes away from the opulent architecture and towering spires, you’ll also find some of the best restaurants in Prague. Food tours in this pocket of the past are a mouthwatering discovery of traditional Czech food like vepřo-knedlo-zelo – roast pork with bread dumplings – and stewy goulash. Looking for a quick bite? Forego the restaurants in Prague for grilled sausage rolls or cinnamon-dusted pastries cooked over an open flame from bustling street food stands.

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Tourists enjoying pints of local beer with a local guide at a restaurant in Prague
The Czech beer culture

Prague is the birthplace of the Pilsener, so the city’s beer-making reputation is built on a particularly solid foundation. The city has been brewing for over a century, and many of its most historic brewhouses are still open for business. Between scoping out the best restaurants in Prague, your local guide could show you the city’s top independent breweries, beautiful beer gardens, trendy micro-breweries, and pubs ranging from traditional to uber-hipster. In fact, food tours in Prague are likely to end with a pitcher of freshly brewed beer in a local bar or centuries-old brewery.

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