Hi, I’m Delia


Hi, I’m Delia

I’ve lived in London for 32 years

I speak English and some French

I am a Marketing and communications


Hi there! I'm Delia, a passionate local host in London. I've lived here for years and can't get enough of its rich history, diverse communities, and hidden gems. My favorite way to explore the city is by foot or bike, and I love uncovering new cultural hotspots and off-the-beaten-path destinations. From the historic City of London to the vibrant South Bank, trendy east and north neighborhoods, world-famous West End, and tranquil Royal Parks, I know all the best spots to visit. As an expert in London's history and culture, I have plenty of intriguing tales to share, and I'll make sure you see the best of the city. Join me on a journey of discovery and leave with a newfound appreciation for this incredible city

My knowledge & interests

Hosts graduation English and Theatre Studies Hosts expertise History
Local cuisine Desserts Food markets Theater Cinema Art galleries & museums Parks Gardens Scenic routes Wildlife Hikes Political history Economic history Social history Architectural history Religious history Cityscape photography Classical architecture Wine Gin Artisanal tea Department stores Handicrafts & souvenirs Traditional culture Lifestyle culture cycling and running books and writers

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