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    Top Things To Do In Brussels

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      Tourists posing with a local guide on a busy street in Brussels during winter
      Tourists posing with a local guide on a busy street in Brussels during winter

      Wondering what to do in Brussels?

      Home to opulent guildhalls, an astounding urban art scene, and the European Union, Brussels is an easy blend of trendy and traditional – a city where mind-bending street murals and quirky comic stores exist in harmony with the centuries-old architecture and powerful politics. Each famous attraction and the long list of amazing things to do in Brussels prove that everything here (although incredibly diverse) has a place. Whether you watch the world go by on the iconic Grand Place, grab a home-brewed beer at a local bar, soak up the historic cityscape, or sample some of the world’s best chocolate, you’ll never be stuck for things to do in Brussels.

      Tourists exploring Grand Place with a local guide in Brussels
      A balance between old and new

      The best things to do in Brussels reflect both its classic and contemporary sides. In the historic heart of Brussels, you’ll be treated to attractions like the Grand Place (believed to be the most beautiful square in Europe), the Royal Palace of Brussels, gorgeous Art Nouveau architecture, and grand guildhalls. But away from the city center, the sights become less historic and more hip. In the European Quarter, shiny glass buildings and modern highrises house the EU institutions, while small neighborhoods packed with trendy bars are all but plastered over with super-cool street murals.

      Tourists enjoying a quick meal in between exploring Brussels with a local
      The best of Belgian food

      Belgium’s most iconic culinary contributions are all found here in Brussels – in fact, some of the most memorable things to do in Brussels revolve around food. Local delights like twice-cooked potato frites and seafood croquettes are served at street food stalls throughout the city, while sleek delis are the perfect place to try the sharp, salty cheeses produced in Brussels. For a traditional Flemish taste, family-run restaurants are as authentic as it gets, but one of the most unmissable things to do in Brussels is feasting on a sweet, syrupy, waffle under a snowfall of icing sugar.

      Tourists exploring Brussels on a busy night out with a local guide
      Brussels by night

      When night falls and techno beats start pulsing, the list of things to do in Brussels gets even longer. The city may be small, but it packs an entertainment punch. Whether you love a wild night out or you’re happier browsing late-night galleries, there are plenty of things to do in Brussels after dark. Many nights here are a celebration of beer culture (the city has over 1000 unique brews!), so perhaps you’ll choose to join hordes of locals bar-hopping their way through breweries and craft beer bars – but there’s certainly no lack of nightclubs that will keep you dancing ‘til dawn.

      Latest reviews from our guests

        Andrea was very welcoming and made us felt comfortable since the moment we met him. His very knowledgeable of Brussels from different perspectives but at the same time very easy to understand.

        April 2024

        Julio s

        Great tour of Brussels. Very knowledgeable and a pleasure to spend the morning with. He made sure we got to see all the things we wanted and then some.

        April 2024

        Jeff P

        Great tour of Brussels. Very not knowledgeable and a pleasure to spend the morning with. He made sure we got to see all the things we wanted and then some.

        April 2024

        Jeff P

        Resolvemos fazer um bate-volta de trem de Londres para Bruxelas, então tinhamos apenas algumas horas na Cidade, contratar essa excursão foi a nossa melhor escolha. Nosso guia, Sep, foi super atencioso, cuidadoso e simpático, nos mostrou diversos lugares em Bruxelas, bem como enriqueceu a visita com o seu conhecimento e amor pela cidade. Super recomendamos para quem tiver pouco tempo na cidade e quiser fazer a viagem valer a pena, que escolham essa excursão!!! We decided to take a return train from London to Brussels, so we only had a few hours in the city, hiring this excursion was our best choice. Our guide, Sep, was super attentive, careful and friendly, he showed us different places in Brussels, as well as enriching the visit with his knowledge and love for the city. We highly recommend that anyone who has little time in the city and wants to make the trip worth it, choose this excursion!!!

        April 2024

        Letícia B

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