Hi, I’m Kae


Hi, I’m Kae

I’ve lived in Bangkok for 53 years

I speak English

I am a freelance tour guide


Hello! I'm Kae, your welcoming guide to the vibrant city of Bangkok. My love for this city springs from its smiley neighborhoods, the incredible blend of cultures, and the diverse religious practices that coexist harmoniously here. What truly captivates me is the extraordinary food culture, a testament to Bangkok's rich heritage. Exploring Bangkok is my passion. I particularly enjoy boat rides through the intricate network of canals, uncovering the hidden gems of the city. My familiarity with the Thonburi canals, the bustling streets of Chinatown, the historical richness of Thonburi's old city, and the colorful Flower Market, makes me an expert in these areas. Join me in strolling through the small alleys of Bangrak and Taladnoi, where every turn reveals a new surprise. I am here to ensure your experience in this magnificent city is unforgettable.

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