Hi, I’m Sam


Hi, I’m Sam

I’ve lived in Bangkok for 10 years

I speak English

I am an cultural and local food guide


Hey there! I'm Sam, your go-to host and friendly face in the bustling streets of Bangkok. My heart beats for this city where ancient temples stand tall amidst skyscrapers, and the aroma of street food blends with fresh spices in the air. It's the mix of old and new that gives Bangkok its unique charm, a place where every corner has a story, and every meal is a journey through cultures. I love wandering through Bangrak and Ratthagosin Island, uncovering hidden gems and indulging in the symphony of flavors that line our streets. From the vibrant markets to the sleek malls, I'm here to show you the soul of Bangkok, through its cultural richness and culinary delights. Join me, and let's explore the city of angels together, one delicious adventure at a time!

My knowledge & interests

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