Hi, I’m Sand

Mexico City

Hi, I’m Sand

I’ve lived in Mexico City for 25 years

I speak English, Spanish

I am a reasercher


Hola! I'm Sandra, your go-to local host in the vibrant heart of Mexico City. My love for our city's rich tapestry of culture, history, and architecture fuels my days and I'm eager to share this passion with you. Strolling through Downtown's storied streets, capturing the essence of its iconic buildings, and diving deep into the lively cultural scene are just a few of my favorite things. From bustling music concerts and intriguing film festivals to enlightening academic events at our renowned university, I keep my finger firmly on the pulse of Mexico City's cultural heartbeat. Trustworthy and always curious, I'm here to guide you through the hidden gems and celebrated wonders of Reforma and beyond, ensuring your visit is as enriching and memorable as the city itself. Join me, and let's explore together!

My knowledge & interests

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