Hi, I’m Chiara (キアラ)

Chiara (キアラ)

Hi, I’m Chiara (キアラ)

I’ve lived in Tokyo for 15 years

I speak English, Japanese, German

I am Travel Writer, Planner and Guide

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Hello! I'm Chiara, your whimsical yet resourceful host to the boundless adventures awaiting in Tokyo! A dedicated seeker of hidden gems and connoisseur of all things tasty, I’ve turned every nook of this dazzling city, from Shibuya to Kamamura, into a personal playground of discoveries. Drawn initially by the eclectic beats of Japanese music, now, whether it’s unearthing new spots, chatting with locals in quaint food stores, or sharing a cache of random, fascinating facts about Japan, my joy comes from crafting uniquely authentic and delicious Tokyo experiences for you. Let’s wander, savor, and dive deep into Tokyo’s myriad of secrets together!

My knowledge & interests

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