Hi, I’m Toshi


Hi, I’m Toshi

I’ve lived in Tokyo for 23 years

I speak English, Japanese

I am a Freelance editor, writer, translator, coach


Hello! I'm Toshinori, your friendly and trustworthy host to Tokyo's wonderful mosaic of cultures and eras. I'm endlessly fascinated by this city's unique blend of the old and the new, the Eastern and Western influences, and its dynamic yet peaceful atmosphere. As a food enthusiast, my heart belongs to Tokyo's culinary scene. From the steamy bowls of ramen to the delicate slices of sushi and the smoky aroma of yakitori, I'm always ready to share my favorite spots. Walking around Tokyo is like a journey through time, and I'm eager to immerse you in its history, culture, and traditions. I'm particularly passionate about the less-traveled shrines and temples, as well as the serene gardens and parks hidden amidst the urban sprawl. These are the places where Tokyo's soul truly shines. Join me for a friendly exploration of Tokyo, where every corner has a story, and every meal is a celebration of tradition and modernity!

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