Hi, I’m Shingo


Hi, I’m Shingo

I’ve lived in Osaka for 21 years

I speak English and some Lao

I am Self-employed


Hello there, I'm Sam, your friendly local host in Osaka! Exploring hidden culinary gems is my passion. From cozy izakayas to bustling street stalls, I'm on a perpetual quest to uncover the most delectable dishes this city has to offer. I'm not just a foodie but a dedicated explorer of flavor. Another thing that sets my soul on fire is cycling through Osaka's vibrant streets. Navigating through the bustling energy of Namba, the urban charm of Umeda, and the historic allure of Tenma is an adventure I adore. But my love for exploration doesn't stop at Osaka's borders. I know Kyoto's temples and shrines like the back of my hand. So, if you're ready for an Osaka adventure let's explore this enchanting city together. I can't wait to share my love for Osaka with you!

My knowledge & interests

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