Hi, I’m Shohei


Hi, I’m Shohei

I’ve lived in Nagasaki for 18 years

I speak English, Japanese

I am an ESL teacher


Hey there! I'm Shohei, your easygoing and curious host through the resilient heart of Nagasaki. This city, with its profound history of rebirth and cultural diversity, is where I've spent 19 wonderful years learning the true value of reconstruction and resilience. I'm deeply moved by how my grandparents' generation meticulously rebuilt Nagasaki, teaching me the importance of rearranging life's pieces with care and pride. You'll often find me in the tranquil aisles of the Nagasaki City Library, lost among 400,000 books. As a Nagasaki aficionado, I thrive on sharing the whys and wheres of our religious and historical sites, offering a stroll through our streets where every corner tells a story, and there's never a fear of missing out. Join me, and let's uncover the layers of Nagasaki together, with laughter and thoughtful conversations along the way.

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