Hi, I’m Mia


Hi, I’m Mia

I’ve lived in Kyoto for 2 years

I speak English, Vietnamese and some Japanese

I am Student


Hello! I’m Mia, your Kyoto confidant, a local enthusiast passionate about the beauty of our four distinct seasons. Here in Kyoto, the bloom of cherry blossoms and the fiery hues of autumn leaves aren’t just a backdrop but a way of life that continually enchants me. As a keeper of Kyoto’s secrets, I revel in guiding friends along the serene Kamogawa River, sharing moments and laughter near Kawaramachi—our cultural heartbeat. My zest for discovery leads me beyond the well-trodden paths to the soul of Kyoto, where every alley whispers stories and every stone is steeped in history. I pride myself on my insider knowledge, always ready to equip travelers with savvy tips, from navigating the quaint lanes to uncovering the city’s hidden treasures. Get ready to explore the lesser-known wonders!

My knowledge & interests

Hosts graduation International Relations
Street food Local cuisine Desserts Food markets Fine dining Parks Gardens Scenic routes Economic history Social history Cityscape photography Street photography Street markets Handicrafts & souvenirs Traditional culture Local speciality drinks Thrift stores Second-hand markets

Experiences I love to host