Hi, I’m Ayumi


Hi, I’m Ayumi

I’ve lived in Fukuoka for 6 years

I speak English, Japanese

I am Contractor


Hi there! I'm Ayumi, your friendly local host here in Fukuoka. Fukuoka's food scene is a dream come true, with many delicious dishes like Hakata ramen and vibrant night markets by the river. Oh, the energy of summer food stalls! When I'm not indulging my taste buds, you'll find me enjoying local culture. I love attending sake brewery events and soaking in the festive spirit of Hakata Gion Yamakasa. And let's not forget Itoshima, a hidden gem just a short drive from Fukuoka. It's easy to fall in love with its natural beauty and vibrant craft culture. As a Fukuoka enthusiast, I take pride in sharing our traditional crafts and promoting local traditions. Preserving our heritage for future generations is close to my heart. Come join me in discovering the warmth and charm of Fukuoka – I can't wait to show you around!

My knowledge & interests

Hosts graduation MBA and Education
Local cuisine Food markets Cinema Parks Gardens Modern architecture Classical architecture Wine Third wave coffee Handicrafts & souvenirs Traditional culture Rituals & ceremonial customs Japanese sake Painting

Experiences I love to host