Hi, I’m Aida


Hi, I’m Aida

I’ve lived in Venice for 3 years

I speak English, Russian and some Italian

I am a Student


I am a very enthusiastic and active student of Venetian University, with a huge love of Italian culture, food, wines, and entertainment. My hobbies are photography, fashion, languages, history, and of course the art of going to aperitivos with friends… ;) while living in Venice for 3 years I learned Italian, found plenty of unique places, and just enjoyed Dolce Vita for its full. I am a really good orator and leader, love learning new things and meeting new people, always open and positive!! Know all the roads in this city! :)

My knowledge & interests

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Street food Local specialities Desserts Theater Galleries Parks Gardens Buildings Cityscapes Street photography Of me! Instagrammable Classical Wine Coffee High fashion Everyday Vintage Markets Souvenirs Traditional Popular Religion Lifestyle

Experiences I love to host