Hi, I’m Alessandro


Hi, I’m Alessandro

I’ve lived in Rome for 25 years

I speak English, French, Italian, Portuguese

I am Lab Technician

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Having grown up in Italy and then spending time abroad studying in the UK, I have developed a deep connaisance and appreciation of Roman food, history and culture and have experienced the nostalgia that overcomes anyone who sees this city, as I did in my university years. I empathise with the hunger for discovery and search for the wow-factor of the people visiting Rome for the first time. Since I've come back from my studies abroad, I have walked through Rome in its entirety discovering its small hidden gems. My frequent visits are the social places where Italians and non Italians mingle (piazza Trilussa, the gorgeous vistas of the Zodiaco terrace) and quaint amenities with a gorgeous views. The particular place that comes to mind when thinking about breathtaking views is the bar overlooking the green, Elysium-like fields of the Saint Callisto Catacombs. Being a painter by passion, I could introduce adventure seekers to the history of Roman artistic tradition, from ancient Roman frescos, through baroque and neoclassicism, all the way to the works of the lesser known British landscape artists such as Joseph William Turner and William Pars. We can take a walk through the breathtaking vistas that inspired them. Architecture is another big passion of mine, and luckily Rome is a blueprint of architectural development that spans thousands of years: It begins in the Iron age Tiberian huts displayed in the museums in EUR, goes through the baroque and 1800s neobaroque architecture of Piazza Cavour, and continues to the lesser known 1920s and 30s rationalism of Via dei Parioli and EUR. All of this forms a symbolic circle of architectural history. As for street food only a few select bars and pizzerias earn the respect of a foodie like myself and get me excited: from bars that provide cold caffelatte (iced lattes but made in Italy) to die for on a summer day, to croissants with all natural crême from certified providers, to young exciting new chefs flexing their creative muscles in the streets of Garbatella with fresh locally sourced ingredients combined into Roman twists to classic pizza recipes, like carbonara pizzas and Amatricean supplis. I have a deep and longing love for this city, and I'd love to share with you my hunger for constant surprise coupled with the amazing payoffs only hidden Roman treasures can give.

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