Hi, I’m Greta


Hi, I’m Greta

I’ve lived in Naples for 25 years

I speak English, Italian

I am Touristic welcoming


I'm Greta Emilia Apadula, I was born in a city called Vico Equense on the Sorrento coast. I studied Archeology, art history, and cultural heritage sciences in Naples at the Federico II University and I had the opportunity to study abroad with the Erasmus+ in Leipzig, Germany. I've always loved to travel around, studied abroad, and get to know new people but there is a magnet that takes me back to Naples. It's impossible staying for too long far away from this city. Every day you can experience something new even if you lived for 25 years here. Since I traveled pretty much, all my friends from all over came to visit me in Naples and I showed them what I think is more interesting for them. Naples has everything for everyone! If you're into art I can definitely show you the museum of Capodimonte, visiting Capodimonte is like walking through a manual of the history of art in Italy from the thirteenth to the twentieth century and beyond. In the rooms, you can find the masterpieces of artists of every Italian pictorial school, the Tuscan, Venetian, Emilian, Neapolitan, and Roman but also important foreign presences such as Brueghel and the other Flemings and then the sculptures, the graphic collection, and the precious objects. Or if you want to visit something more Contemporary and less known is definitely the museum of Hermann Nitsch which is located in a former factory built in 1892 for the production of electricity. Conceived as a space for documentation and in-depth study of the philosophical, poetic, and visual themes developed by the great Austrian artist Hermann Nitsch (Vienna 1938), it is a place where the works (relics) of the actions of the Orgien Mysterien Theater (Theater of Orgies and Mysteries) they regain consistency through a path open to synaesthetic experiments. There are many museums in Naples to visit for art lovers, another example is definitely the Madre Museum. For the people that have just a few days to spend in Naples I personally recommend going to The MANN, one of the best Archeological Museums. You can have "a little bit" of the Pompei Ruins experience. I can continue for much much more: the catacombs of San Gennaro, in addition to their esoteric character, make us understand a lot of the Neapolitan culture; The underground Naples; the numerous historic churches, and so on. Naples by the way is also known for its excellent food! I would for sure take you to eat a sfogliatella, babbà or fiocco di neve in the historical pastry shops around the city. the famous pizza da Michele or frittata da Di Matteo and many others and after why not let's go drink in Piazza Bellini an Aperol spritz for only 2 euros! these are just a few suggestions but Naples is cool and has a big variety for all kinds of tourists!

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