Hi, I’m Sara


Hi, I’m Sara

I’ve lived in Bologna for 42 years

I speak English, French, Italian

I am Web marketing assistant


Hi, I was born and raised in Bologna- this beautiful city, that I love! I am a dynamic person, always looking for new projects and curious about any beautiful, strange and creative things going on in the city. I'm part of an international association that connects expatriates from all over the world with locals (or other expats). I organize events where these expats' learn to live as "bolognese" citizens! Bologna is wonderfully rich in things to do, places to visit and olfactory, visual and gastronomic experiences to try! I can show you the unusual, lesser-known corners of the city, where artists and comedians will entertain you. If you are a lover of history and art, I can take you to the medieval heart of Bologna and show you some hidden treasures. You can't leave the city without a souvenir or two and an authentic Bolognese meal. I recommend MERCATO di mezzo, where you'll find a good choice of Italian Street food, but there are so many other options and I'd be happy to take you to find what's right for you! I am convinced that nothing is as enriching as getting to know different people and different cultures!

My knowledge & interests

Hosts graduation Political Science university degree

Experiences I love to host