Hi, I’m Sándor


Hi, I’m Sándor

I’ve lived in Budapest for 27 years

I speak English, Spanish, Hungarian

I am Translation Manager


Hi, I'm Sándor, a local writer deeply in love with Budapest. I have published five books, including one on the famous Hungarian ‘pálinka’. Now I'm looking to share my knowledge with you in a more personalized way. I always know where the best jazz is played - and in Budapest, it's never in the big concert halls. I can show you the coziest hidden wine bars, and tell you everything about the best local artisan wines. If you're more into the craft beer revolution, you are also in the right place in Hungary's capital. My main interests are in science history, sports, music, movies, literature, and languages. I hold a degree in cross-cultural communications. My approach is connecting the dots from past to present, showing you the people and events changing the world and our contemporary life. When it comes to the best stories, you should always trust the guy with grey hair. When it comes to the best food and drinks, you should always trust the guy with the big tummy. This latter didn't fit on the picture :-)

My knowledge & interests

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Local cuisine Desserts Cinema Political history Economic history Social history Street photography Wine Whiskey Third wave coffee Gin Local beers Street markets Traditional culture Lifestyle culture Alternative or underground culture Pálinka, all spirits

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