Hi, I’m Riko


Hi, I’m Riko

I’ve lived in Athens for 23 years

I speak English, Greek and some Spanish

I am Tour Leader


Hey there, I'm Errikos, your hilarious local host in the captivating city of Athens! With an open mind and insatiable curiosity, I'm always up for a good laugh and exploring the vibrant spirit of this city. When I'm not busy finding new routes during mundane tasks (because even grocery shopping can be an adventure!), you'll find me at festivals and live shows, reveling in the mind-blowing spectrum of genres, tastes, and subcultures that Athens attracts. As an Athens expert, I've delved deep into the concrete jungle, thanks to my previous studies in Survey Engineering. Working with international students has also enlightened me about the unique quirks of Greek and Athenian culture, shaped by our distinct school experiences. Oh, and let's not forget my unofficial stats on Athenian commuting, from the typical bus line delays to the mysterious taxi fares that depend on destination rather than distance. So, buckle up and get ready for a side-splitting adventure through Athens with yours truly!

My knowledge & interests

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Experiences I love to host