Hi, I’m Dean


Hi, I’m Dean

I’ve lived in Hamburg for 4 years

I speak English and some German

I am a Marketing Manager


Hey there! I'm Dean, your go-to local host here in vibrant Hamburg! With a passion for history and a knack for storytelling, I thrive on uncovering the city's rich tapestry—from its ancient origins to its dynamic post-WWII evolution. Hamburg's blend of modernity and old-world charm never fails to fascinate me, whether I'm strolling through the historic Altstadt or exploring the bustling harbor in Hafencity. Foodie at heart, I adore Hamburg's diverse culinary scene—from hearty traditional dishes to cutting-edge gastronomy, not to mention the local craft beers that add a refreshing twist to any outing. Join me as we uncover hidden gems in Eppendorf, savor the best of Altona's eateries, or delve into the maritime tales of Wilhelmsburg. I will make every excursion a delightful journey through Northern Germany's soul. So let's explore Hamburg together—its history, flavors, and endless surprises await!

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