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    Taipei Food Tours

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      Taipei Food Tours
      Taipei Food Tours

      The best private food tours in Taipei

      A truly magnificent metropolis hosting a kaleidoscope of cultures, there are few cities in the world like Taipei. History has seen the city gather influences from Chinese, Japanese, Southeast Asian, and western communities – and nowhere is this more evident than its diverse food scene. On food tours of Taipei with City Unscripted, you’ll join a local guide on a discovery of the fantastic flavors of Taiwan. From quaint neighborhoods and culinary hotspots to sprawling night markets that come alive at sunset, Taipei food tours can take you to many different places. But no matter where you end up, you can be sure you’ll find some of the best food you’ve ever tasted.

      Taipei Food Tours
      A taste of Taipei

      What does Taipei taste like? You’ll get the answer on unforgettable Taipei food tours with a local guide leading the way. You won’t have to doubt that you’re tasting the very best the city has to offer when you’re alongside a food-loving local who’s already vetted Taipei’s top eateries. From our “Eat like a local in Taipei” experience to a “Street food experience in Taipei’s night markets,” our range of food tours in Taipei give you an authentic snapshot of how a local does dinner, and it’s 100 percent unique to the city. Beef noodles, flame-torched sausages, and peppery pork buns await!

      Taipei Food Tours
      International influence

      Taiwanese cuisine is what it is because of its history of global trade and colonialism. To experience the city’s culinary traditions on food tours of Taipei is simultaneously to get a lesson in the fascinating past – and the politics – of Taiwan. In fact, this is a city where food and culture go hand in hand. On food tours in Taipei, let your local guide teach you about their hometown’s history as you sample iconic dishes with stories behind them. The sugary-salty, herbal, and umami flavors that define Taiwanese cuisine wouldn’t exist without indigenous and international input.

      Taipei Food Tours
      Dining after dark

      Breakfast and lunch are always a treat, but after sunset is when the food scene really starts showing off. That’s because Taipei’s iconic night markets set up shop, attracting locals in droves. Taipei food tours would be incomplete without exploring one (or several) of these fantastic food spots scattered throughout the loud, lit-up city. On food tours of Taipei, you can navigate the chaotic lanes of food markets spilling out onto the streets. Follow the mouthwatering smells of local specialties wafting from hundreds of stalls, and see what a “midnight snack” should look like!

      Latest reviews from our guests

        Although we had bad weather our guide ben made it a nice trip. Ben knows a lot and is an expert. Ww strongly recomend him.

        March 2020

        Ljubisa K

        Book this tour (and ask for Nina)! I was in Taiwan for work for a very short time, but wanted someone local to help me navigate the night markets and find some great local sights, foods, and drinks. My host Nina was exceptional - she met me at my hotel, we walked around the Xinyi neighborhood, tried some small bites and bubble tea, then took the MRT about 15 minutes away to visit some tranquil temples I absolutely never would have found on my own. We continued to a great (and tiny) beer bar that had some amazing Taiwanese craft beers. We ended the night going to one of the night markets, which is when I was especially glad to have a local to help me navigate. Prior to the tour, I had communicated with Nina some of the types of things I was looking to see, and she put together a perfect evening. It was more like visiting the sites with a good friend rather than a tour guide. I can not recommend this tour, or Nina, highly enough! I could not have asked for a better host for my free night in Taiwan. Thank you City Unscripted and thank you Nina!

        November 2019

        Matthew A

        We only had one night to explore Taipei and this visit worked out just perfectly, providing insight into both the old and new of Taipei. I would recommend our guide Nina.

        November 2019

        Tom L

        I had great luck in getting Ben from CityUnscripted as my guide for the Taipei Night Market street food tasting tour! Ben was an AMAZING guide, providing great info of the city and delicious suggestions for me to try on the tour (who would have known that I would enjoy stinky tofu so much?!?; certainly not me!). Ben's mastery of English was better than mine; and I am a native speaker! He made sure that my tour of the night market was enjoyable and memorable. I would highly recommend you request him if you find yourself in Taipei and want to experience the local culture in a unique way!

        April 2019

        Troy M

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