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The best Amsterdam private tours & experiences with locals

With its gabled buildings, cozy coffee shops, and iconic canals, the laid-back “Venice of the North” is creativity at its coolest. Our tours by locals in Amsterdam let you experience this artistic city beyond the Van Gogh Museum and the provocative red-light district. You won’t miss out on the top attractions, but you might see them from a different perspective – from a tiny hidden garden or a hole-in-the-wall bar. Discover the soul of the city on our tours with locals in Amsterdam, with a like-minded Amsterdammer leading the way. From floating flower markets to charismatic neighborhoods, see the Amsterdam that only reveals itself to the people who call it home.

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Local guide showing a tourist around the city of Amsterdam on a private tour
Discover Amsterdam beyond your guidebook

The most incredible experiences in Amsterdam are so much more varied than a top-10 list could even begin to suggest. Between the city’s seven diverse districts and locals to match – ranging from the ultra-trendy streets of restaurant-lined Amsterdam-Oost to cool, creative Amsterdam-Zuid – the city’s unique culture can only fully be celebrated through snapshots of local life. On our Amsterdam tours by locals, you won’t need to get caught up in the tourist traps because no experience is off-limits. You’ll get the nuanced portrait of Amsterdam’s personality that no guidebook could ever paint.

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Tourist admiring the sunset along a canal in Amsterdam
An Amsterdam tour to suit your travel style

Whether you’re an architecture aficionado who wants to see as many of the city’s historic landmarks as possible, a nature-lover ready to explore some of the most beautiful flower gardens in the worlds, or a fanatic foodie whose must-sees are markets and cafés, our tours with locals in Amsterdam will be personalized to you. Amsterdam has something for everyone, and in our network of likable locals, we have someone who shares your passions and can show you the best their city has to offer. Whatever your interests are, we’ll find the perfect friend to slot in with your travel style.

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Tourist exploring the main attractions of Amsterdam on a private tour
From highlights to hidden gems

In a city with more iconic attractions than you could squeeze into a month, we know you want to see as many as possible. Whether you have a full day, half a day, or just three hours, City Unscripted tours with locals in Amsterdam will let you explore several of the city’s top sights on a whirlwind experience of its must-sees. But more than that, our tours with locals in Amsterdam give you authentic snapshots of the local lifestyle and priceless glimpses into the city’s secret side – the local haunts, lesser-known landmarks and hidden gems that make it so loved by the people who call it home.

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