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The best private guides and local insiders in Amsterdam

If you’re looking for the best private tour guides in Amsterdam, City Unscripted has got you covered. Our handpicked local guides are intimately familiar with every inch of Amsterdam, and they’re passionate about sharing their city’s best-kept secrets with curious travelers like you. There’s no better way to see the laid-back “Venice of the North” than with Amsterdam private tour guides leading the way. Who could be more qualified to show you the true spirit and soul of a city than someone who calls it home? Book a personalized experience with one of our private tour guides in Amsterdam and experience the city’s hidden gems and holes-in-the-wall along with its must-sees.

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Tourist exploring the must-see sights while cycling the city center of Amsterdam
Much more than the must-sees

Many of the most amazing experiences in Amsterdam are ones your guidebook doesn’t even know about. You could easily spend a day moving between the top tourist attractions, but only with private tour guides in Amsterdam can you easily uncover the lesser-known landmarks only locals know about. Our Amsterdam private tour guides know exactly where to go for the best food, the most unique entertainment, and the secret spots down quiet backstreets no traveler could find alone. You won’t be limited to the tourist traps – local tour guides in Amsterdam will give you a true feel for the city.

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Local guide showing a tourist around the iconic sights of Amsterdam
Itineraries created with you in mind

No two travelers are the same. That’s why our Amsterdam private tour guides take the time to get to know you, your personality, your interests, and your travel style, then create the perfect tour for you. Simply choose from a wide selection of experiences, and we’ll do the rest. Whether you want to get to grips with the lay of the land on our “Kickstart your trip to Amsterdam” experience, sample Dutch delicacies on our “Ultimate Amsterdam food experience”, or simply see highlights and hidden gems on a full-day tour, every tour is tailored to you by our Amsterdam private tour guides.

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A typical street view at sunset in Amsterdam
Nothing standing in your way

On a tour with one of our Amsterdam private tour guides, you won’t be hindered by any of the common travel stresses. No matter how tangled the public transport is or how confusing the maps may be (or how little English there happens to be on a menu), tours with Amsterdam private tour guides take you wherever you want to go. No experience is off-limits when you have a local host leading the way. You won’t get caught up in any tourist traps, and you’ll get a nuanced picture no guidebook could ever begin to paint when you see the city through the eyes of our Amsterdam private tour guides.

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