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The best Amsterdam night tours & experiences with locals

Amsterdam is a city that comes alive at night – sunset brings with it a renewed surge of crackling energy as nightlife hotspots swing open their doors and twinkling lights dance hypnotically on the waters of the iconic canals. Amsterdam night tours with City Unscripted give you a backstage pass into the world of locals-only late nights. Anyone with a guidebook could see the city’s famous landmarks after dark, but our Amsterdam night tours will see you indulging in the secret pastimes of the people who call the city home. Spend an evening with us exploring the hole-in-the-wall haunts and hidden gems where Amsterdammers gather to mingle after hours.

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Tourists on a river cruise in Amsterdam at night
A night the way you like it

Whether you like your Amsterdam night tours high-energy or low-key, our experiences are 100% personalized to suit your style. You could explore the city’s electrifying nightlife at quirky cocktail bars with queues down the street, tiny tasting rooms serving Jenever – the local gin – and packed-to-the-rafters clubs. But perhaps you’re content to simply stroll (or cruise) along the sparkling canals, pop into late-night stores, and watch the world go by with a glass of wine and a bite to eat at a pavement café. Whatever your vibe, we’ll plan Amsterdam night tours the way you like them.

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Groups of tourists and locals walking along a canal in Amsterdam during a night out in the city
Night tours by neighborhood

Amsterdam night tours can go many different ways depending on where in the city you find yourself. The city center’s provocative red-light district may be one of its most famous areas, but an evening spent exploring off the tourist trail is the perfect way to live it up like a local. You could easily fill your evening with the cool pubs and hipster haunts lining the ultra-trendy Jordaan district and see some of the city’s best speakeasies and bars in Amsterdam-Oost. Or why not admire sleek Dutch design at boutiques lining the Oud Zuid district for Amsterdam night tours of a slower pace?

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Local guide enjoying a meal with tourists on a night tour of Amsterdam
Midnight feasting in Amsterdam

What better way to enjoy a night in Amsterdam than sampling a selection of incredible Dutch delicacies? Sit-down dinners in upmarket restaurants are always a treat, but the city’s most iconic bites are ideal for on-the-go snacking and lining your stomach on night tours in Amsterdam. Broodjeszaken (sandwich shops) are always packed with locals looking for a quick pre-party bite, while late-night snack bars stocked with rows of golden, deep-fried krokets and other tasty treats are an ideal stop for soaking up the effects of a night of drinking at bars and centuries-old pubs.

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