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Amsterdam’s laid-back, liberal reputation is just one part of what makes it Europe’s capital of cool: another reason is the Amsterdam food scene. The Dutch haven’t just perfected their local delicacies; they’ve perfected the places you can find them. From lively outdoor markets and casual restaurants to specialty stores and sleek, modern eateries, the list of locations to visit on our Amsterdam food tours is as varied as it is exciting. Wherever our food tours take you (by foot, boat, or bicycle) you won’t ever be far from phenomenal food – whether authentic Dutch fare, reinvented classics, or the city’s cornucopia of cuisines from all over the world.

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Tourist trying local street food with a local on a food tour of Amsterdam
The flavorful origins of Dutch cuisine

Because of the inextricable link between a city’s cuisine and its culture, food tours in Amsterdam are the perfect way to learn a thing or two about Dutch history and heritage. The surprisingly large prevalence of authentic Indonesian food found throughout the city harkens back to the Netherlands' historical ties with Indonesia and Suriname. Today, Amsterdam’s traditional food is still simple and straightforward, built around bread, cheese, meat, and vegetables, and many typical Dutch foods – stroopwafels, herring, regional cheeses – have their roots firmly in Amsterdam’s past.

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Stroopwafels for sale at a typical store in Amsterdam
Amsterdam - a city made for snacking

Sit-down dinners are great, but the city’s most iconic bites are ideal for on-the-go snacking on an Amsterdam food tour. In fact, you could try several of Amsterdam’s most famous foods and still have room for a beer! Small, crunchy bitterballen, cubes of fresh cheese, and Dutch-style thick-cut fries – all typical Amsterdam foods – are served in perfect tasting portions at markets overflowing with simple street food. Broodjeszaken (sandwich shops) are ubiquitous, as are late-night snack bars with rows of deep-fried krokets and other tasty treats to soak up the effects of a night of drinking.

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Local enjoying a beer with a tourist at the end of a food tour of Amsterdam
Beer that’s pitcher-perfect

Comfortably sandwiched between Germany and Belgium, Amsterdam is in prime position to perfect the art of brewing, and that’s exactly what it’s done. It’s certainly had the time – the city’s beer heritage dates back to the 1400s! World-renowned brew houses, tiny microbreweries, unfussy taprooms, and drinking holes housed in unique locations (like a windmill and a former bathhouse) are dotted throughout the city pouring every type of beer imaginable, from light lagers all the way up to rich, bitter stouts. With so many choices, food tours in Amsterdam inevitably end with a beer or two.

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