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Dublin is a beautiful blend of heritage and hedonism – a city with history dating back to the times of Vikings and Victorians, but with a startlingly modern, multicultural appeal. Charismatic and convivial, the locals are always up for a pint of Guinness at the pub and happy to share their take on the best things to do in Dublin. A few recommendations are bound to come up again and again: From soaking up 9th-century architecture and uncovering the city’s literary heritage to exploring breathtaking cliffs and castles along the pristine coastline, the most incredible things to do in Dublin are those that center around the city’s history, culture, and natural beauty.

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Tourists walking down the famous Anne Street in Dublin with a local guide
A living museum

Dublin can trace its origin back more than 1,000 years, and its storied past reads like an epic novel. Stepping back in time in a city with so much tangible history is easy, and exploring the centuries-old landmarks are some of the most enchanting things to do in Dublin. Stroll along the 200-year-old Ha’Penny Bridge stretching across the River Liffey, and discover medieval castles and cathedrals proudly on display between other architectural treasures from the city’s Georgian heyday. No matter which of the city’s eras you encounter, the history of Dublin is truly captivating.

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Local guide showing tourists around Temple Bar in Dublin
Drinking in Dublin

If there’s one thing the Irish capital is known for, it’s the city’s iconic drinking culture. Red-bricked pubs are at the center of socialization, and some of the most memorable things to do in Dublin involve downing a pint or two. Perhaps you’ll explore the historic Temple Bar district, the soul of the city’s nightlife, or maybe you’ll bar-hop between century-old institutions echoing with laughter and festive Irish fiddles. Wherever you go, you’ll soon learn that music, beer, and whisky are the cornerstones of the Irish pub culture, and grabbing a drink after dinner is a must.

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Tourists admiring the street art on a building in Dublin while exploring the city with a local guide
Scenic splendor

Just outside the compact city, natural beauty reigns supreme. Charming seaside towns (some with tales from the days Dublin had its hands full with Vikings) are dotted along the sparkling coastline, existing peacefully in the shadow of cliffside castles. Planning a day trip to one of these beautiful locations should be high on the list of things to do in Dublin. But the city itself isn’t lacking in nature. Exploring the sprawling central park, St Stephen's Green, and the 300-year-old Iveagh Gardens – fondly referred to as Dublin’s “Secret Garden” – are two more brilliant things to do in Dublin.

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