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After a day spent strolling between must-sees in the Irish capital, night tours in Dublin will open up a whole new wealth of experiences that only emerge when the sun sets over the River Liffey. The nightlife scene in Dublin ranges from humble to high culture – it depends on personal preference. On personalized night tours in Dublin, your night out will be anything but average. Whether you down a pint (or several) on a traditional pub-crawl, take a moonlit stroll between cozy venues echoing with live music, or catch an award-winning play at the theater, Dublin city night tours reveal an effortlessly charming capital that caters to every type of traveler.

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Couple of tourists walking through the streets on a night tour of Dublin
Celebrate like a local

Anyone with Google and a guidebook can seek out the city’s famous sights, but the true spirit of Dublin can only be felt when locals clock out and start socializing. Night tours in Dublin with City Unscripted will sweep you up in a tide of happy revelers heading towards the hidden hotspots of the Dublin nightlife scene. The last thing you want is to get caught in a tourist trap, so we’ll show you where in-the-know locals spend their free time. On our night tours in Dublin, you’ll easily blend in with charismatic, convivial Dubliners who are always up for a pint of Guinness and a chat.

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Locals and tourists enjoying live music in a popular pub on a night tour of Dublin
Swap clubs for pubs

If there’s one thing the Irish capital is famous for, it’s the iconic drinking culture. Traditional red-bricked pubs are at the center of socialization, and personalized night tours in Dublin are the perfect opportunity to experience a true Irish pub-crawl. You could explore the soul of Dublin’s nightlife in the historic Temple Bar district, or hop between century-old institutions buzzing with chatter and festive Irish fiddles. Wherever you end up on night tours in Dublin, you won’t be far from the unrivaled Irish pub culture and tipsy locals up for conversation and a good time.

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Typical street view of a street in Dublin at night
Choose your speed

Night tours in Dublin can go many different ways – it all depends on your mood. The Irish capital is overflowing with fantastic venues, from super-trendy clubs and sleek cocktail lounges to rowdy traditional pubs that feel like traveling back in time. Raucously drinking and dancing the night away is easy in a city like Dublin. But if you prefer your evenings a little more low-key, night tours in Dublin still have plenty to offer. Clap along to live Irish music, catch a movie, take a moonlit stroll along the River Liffey, or feast on a hearty Irish stew at a much-loved local institution.

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