Hi, I’m Erika


Hi, I’m Erika

I’ve lived in Vancouver for 2 years

I speak English, Spanish

I am a Marketer and PR Specialist


Hi there! I'm Erika, your local host in the vibrant city of Vancouver. With a friendly and adventurous spirit, I love exploring every corner of this diverse and dynamic city. From the bustling downtown area, where I spend most of my time, to the serene natural landscapes, Vancouver never ceases to amaze me. What I adore most about Vancouver is its incredible mix of cultures and variety. Whether you’re into gastronomy, architecture, or natural beauty, this city has it all. I love being a tourist in my own city, discovering new parks, museums, restaurants, and cultural events. Whether it's catching a hockey game, a Rolling Stones concert, or a Cirque du Soleil show, there's always something exciting happening here. Let me show you the best of Vancouver, from popular attractions to hidden gems! I can't wait to show you around.

My knowledge & interests

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Street food Local cuisine Desserts Food markets Fine dining Theater Cinema Art galleries & museums Parks Gardens Scenic routes Hikes Political history Economic history Social history Religious history Cityscape photography Street photography Modern architecture Wine Whiskey Third wave coffee Gin Local beers Department stores Street markets Handicrafts & souvenirs Traditional culture Popular culture Religious customs Lifestyle culture Alternative or underground culture Local speciality drinks Traditional drinks Digital art Thrift stores Second-hand markets Specialty shops Bookstores Video game stores Music stores Landscape photography Sports photography Nature photography Gothic architecture Baroque architecture Pop music Rock music Blues music Traditional music Hip-hop Reggae cities latin

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