Hi, I’m Cloé


Hi, I’m Cloé

I’ve lived in Brussels for 5 years

I speak English, French and some Spanish

I am a Naturopath


Hey there, I'm Cloé, your go-to local host in Brussels! Kind, open-minded, and always up for adventure, I embody the easygoing and positive spirit that makes Brussels a city like no other. Brussels, to me, is like a big family where the "easy-going" vibe shines through the kindness of its people. It's a place where the city's small size fosters a sense of community – where everyone knows everyone or at least has a friend who does. My love for Brussels extends to discovering trendy cafés for leisurely brunches with friends, spending blissful moments in parks or art museums, and sharing the city's hidden gems. Navigating the city's best views is my forte, and I take joy in revealing the cutest corners and hidden gems of Brussels to anyone eager to explore. Let me be your friendly guide to the heart and soul of this incredible city – let's make your time in Brussels unforgettable!

My knowledge & interests

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