Why host

CityUnscripted offers Locals around the world the opportunity to be a part of a truly unique company as a host of unique & authentic local experiences. You can easily fit working for CityUnscripted around your schedule as you can choose when you are available to host visitors around the city.

How can I register?

It's completely free to register with CityUnscripted. Please sign up through our website , the process is pretty quick. We will then contact you by email initially and then follow that up with a skype interview.

The information you provide when registering will be visible (but not your personal details) to customers once you have been approved so please give lots of information that clearly expresses who you are, what your interests are and what you love about your city.

What is in it for me?

Earning good money whilst having fun! As a city Host you have a unique insight into all the experiences that the city has to offer, whether it be the latest pop up restaurant, music venue or your favourite places to eat or drink. You have the chance to use your insight and knowledge to massively improve trips for visitors to the city.


You can dedicate as much or as little time as you are able to and you can fit this around your schedule. Ideally you would have a minimum of around 5-10 hours a week available to work as a Host.


It will give you a great chance to get to know other Hosts across the world as well as the many various visitors that you will host – great for building up a network of contacts and build new friendships.

How much can I make

You can earn good money as a Host. The rate increases the more adults you have in your booking and of course so do the tips. Please contact us directly at hosts@CityUnscripted.com if you would like more detailed information for your city.